Finally, a digital year planner

Connect Range to your calendar and see your year at a glance

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A Range timeline spanning 1.5 years

Break out of the weekly view

Set a date and span weeks, months, years or decades. Both past and future. See a small number of days, 3 years, or beyond.

Range’s start date dropdown with presets dating back years
Sync to 1 or more calendars

Sync with Google

Connect your calendar and weave plans around your day-to-day.

Timeline of hiking outings timed at a regular cadence

Find your rhythm

Look back, reflect, and see patterns. Spot openings and bottle necks. Space out breaks, plan training targets, or saving goals.

Exams timeline

Plans need to be shared

Presets help you download images for a slide deck, email, LinkedIn page, or a vector file ready to edit in Adobe Illustrator.